Lithuanian Teaching Center is unique, as all attention is paid to people who are interested in Lithuanian language and Lithuanian culture.

We help people not only express themselves in lithuanian language but also get to know the history, traditions and peculiarities of Lithuania. It is the sound and originality of lithuanian language that charm both the young and the old. Similarly as learning any foreign language, it is necessary to put some effort in order to understand and speak with the lithuanian speaking people.

We will help you not only to communicate easier but also to understand the hidden meanings of the words and to feel the real spirit of Lithuanian culture. In order to understand the culture, it is of the utmost importance to speak the language.


Our aim is to assure that everybody willing to learn lithuanian can speak this language.


Every day, by using modern teaching methods we provide you with top level knowledge and promote communication between different cultures.


Quality– our teaching methods are based on standards of highest quality. The whole course is organized in such a way that it would be easier for students to remember new words, rules and language peculiarities that would lead to the perfect command of language.

Attention to everyone – every student is equally important to us. We aim that the knowledge level of students in one group is similar and that everybody could be able to participate in discussions in the class.

Positive attitude – for us it is important that studying does not turn into the obligation which you have to carry out. Our courses are constructed in such a way that everybody could express himself/herself in lithuanian as early as possible, could communicate and feel the power of the language. Studying should be pleasant, as the desirable results can be achieved only in such a way.

Result oriented – we aim that after completing our course you could easily express yourself in lithuanian and have a rough understanding about lithuanian culture and traditions. Everybody who completes our course is able to read lithuanian articles, understand lithuanian movies and communicate in the street.