A1 level – beginner level. The student learns to read and write, to pronounce words correctly. Asks easy questions and answers them briefly. Making a simple sentence structure. Can communicate on simple topics such as: family, leisure, work, and others. Can talk on the phone and read simple texts.

A2 level is a higher level of language knowledge for beginners who have the basics. Having reached this level, the student is able to ask, ask and answer simple questions. Able to communicate in normal everyday situations about known subjects when it is only necessary to ask for information or to provide it. Has a general understanding of most grammatical tenses and is able to apply them when speaking. The student can freely talk about himself, work, free time, organization of trips or meetings, and welcome guests from abroad. You can also talk about your country, places of interest. Able to express his emotions, react to the interlocutor. Can communicate easily in both formal and informal settings.

B1 level is a sufficiently elevated level that the student can communicate clearly and be understood in various situations. Able to discuss. The language is more refined, more fluent. Can speak freely and spontaneously on both concrete and abstract topics. Having reached this level, the student is more advanced in grammar, able to write friendly and formal letters. Able to not only express his opinion, but also justify it. Speaks in more complex sentences, using a variety of words and synonyms.

B2 level – the student understands complex texts on abstract and concrete topics. Can communicate with native speakers fluently and fluently. Can produce a clear, detailed text on a wide range of topics and explain his point of view on the issues under consideration, setting out the advantages and disadvantages of diverse options. Communicates fluently and spontaneously. Can use complex sentence constructions, knows means of language expression.

C1 level – the student has a good understanding of linguistic structures and their functions and can easily apply them in speaking and writing. Able to communicate politely and formally in various business, work, or leisure situations without feeling at a loss for words and fully adapting to the social environment. When speaking, he uses all tenses and complex grammatical structures, without translating sentences from the Lithuanian language, but composing them according to the syntactic structure of the foreign language. Understands complex texts. Speaks on both general and professional topics fluently using a varied and extensive vocabulary. Knows and uses various means of language expression. Speaks grammatically and stylistically correctly.

C2 level is the highest level of language proficiency. The student easily understands everything he reads and hears. Can express his thoughts freely and vividly both in speaking and in writing. You can also analyze diverse types of texts and fiction, prepare presentations, provide evaluations, comments, criticism, and discuss freely, expressing your position, and easily understand the opinions of others. He expresses his opinion, attitude, and views completely freely and accurately. The use of business language and terms do not create any obstacles for a person at work. Quickly learns new material that requires separate in-depth study, always achieves the goal of communication.