We offer an opportunity to learn Lithuanian language via Skype without going out from home. It does not matter where you are you can learn Lithuanian language as good as learning in groups.

How does it work?

– Lessons can be held at any time you want.
– You only need to have computer, internet, headphones and microphone.
– At first it is necessary to identify your language skills, tests are sent by e-mail.
– Whole teaching material are sent by e-mail, first testing class is free.
– Payments for the classes are made by sending money to company’s bank account.
– Teaching material for the next class are sent by e-mail in PDF format and listening are sent in MP3 format.
– Classes are the same as real ones just everything works with the help of headphones and microphone.

The sound and view are as good as on board with the help of “Share your screen”. On one window you see what teacher writes on the other – sent teaching material.

The price of one lesson – 20 Eur for one hour (60 minutes). Try it!

For the business clients – 25 Eur for one hour (60 minutes).