Lithuanian language courses take place two times a week in the evenings (usually starting from 17.30 or 19.00) and last for 1.5 hours. The exact timing is determined taking into consideration the preferences of students.

There is a possibility to join the group later if you already have the basic knowledge of Lithuanian language or if you are ready to study on your own. The classes take place two times a week (on Monday and Wednesday or on Tuesday and Thursday) in the evenings.

The classes take place in different hotels in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda and Siauliai. Bright and comfortable premises are accommodated for teaching – there is a black-board, audio equipment and round tables which are very convenient for discussions.

The course in groups is divided into three levels: elementary, intermedate and advanced.

Level 1. Beginners (Pradedančiųjų – A1 and A2). After the first three months you will be able to pronounce Lithuanian words correctly, communicate with Lithuanian speaking people in basic sentences, ask for most necessary things and understand what is replied. Moreover, you will learn how to use the most common tenses in Lithuanian, read unsophisticated texts and dialogs, as well as write compositions.

Level 2. Intermediate (Vidutiniųjų – B1 and B2). In the following three months you will learn all grammar and start discussing more in the class. You will read articles and watch movies in Lithuanian. You will be able to express your thoughts without bigger difficulties and reply to the questions addressed to you. You will learn a lot about Lithuanian culture, traditions and history from the articles you read.

Level 3. Advanced (Pažengusiųjų – C1 and C2). In this level you will be engaged in the discussions about economical, political and other topics you are interested in as well as have an opportunity to meet native Lithuanian people. You will be able to read Lithuanian literature and analyze it. Courses are held in 6-10 student groups, it’s the most convenient number of students to work effectively.


When you complete “Lituana” lithuanian language courses you get a certificate where number of listened hours and evaluation of the courses are marked.

We will always have your evaluations in our database and if you would like to we could always confirm about finishing lithuanian language courses.

Lituana diploma